What is Buyzaar Popup market ?

A Pop-up market is a short-term retail event happens in a physical space for a day or two to create a long-term and lasting impression with prospective customers. Basically, you set-up your shop by booking a stall in any upcoming events at different locations across Australia under Buyzaar platform to meet new customers directly.

How do I book a stall ?

To book a stall, please go to “Popup market page” on Home page and follow instructions. It is very simple and straight forward!

How to choose the event ?

Simple! Once you click on “Book a stall”, it will redirect you to the list of all upcoming events organised by Buyzaar. You just click on the event to know more.

How do I pay for my stall for each event ?

Once you choose the event you want to participate in, and select the category of your stall type, Add to cart and pay online immediately to reserve your spot. A reciept will be sent to your email address.

What is provided as part of stall price ?

You will obviously been given a standard stall space convenient enough to display your products and rail , depending on the venue and event. A Trestle table and 2 chairs to accomodate you & your supporter/partner. No table cloth included.

How to find my stall location on the day of the event ?

Easy!! Buyzaar is very organised and plan the placements of the stalls before hand depending on scale of the event. Once you enter the venue, you will be guided by our volunteers to your stall.

If it is a regular event at a community centre, then it is usually first come first serve basis. You come early to choose your spot. All you need to do is to plan your set-up for the big day 🙂 If our volunteers are available and if you permit, they also help you with set-up of your stall on the day of the event.

How early should I be there to set-up my stall ?

Well, it depends. It is strongly recommended to show your presence at the venue by the time we request you to be. If you are late, it is not just you who will get effected, the whole event gets delayed, which effects your co-sellers and customers won’t be happy. We will send the schedule of each event a week before and we expect you to follow it.

Can I bring my partner/family/kids to the event ?

100 % Yes! Buyzaar events are Kids friendly and a complete family shopping and fun event. Please come along with your family if need be.

How about Food stalls/ Food Truck at Buyzaar ?

If the event venue has a scope for Food trucks, we 100% encourage for you to book well in advance as food spots gets filled up very quickly. You need to email us a copy of your streatrader permit and statement of trade at  for us to review and confirm your spot. We will reply in email to you as early as we can, so you can plan your menu 🙂

Home made snacks/Pickles/Spices/Cupcakes/Nuts/ – Please follow the same as per above. We take food handling seriously and unfortunately, we cannot allow anyone without having one.

You can get your certificate/permit here –

Please visit for all the info.

How about entertainment/Kids fun activities bookings ?

In all events, we include entertainment and fun activities. If you would like to particpate as a performer/service provider. Please contact us directly at with your business details and event you are willing to particiapte. Our team will confirm the availability as early as possible so you can plan and block your calendar 🙂

Does Buyzaar charge any commission on sales at events ?


We do not charge any commission on your sales at the Pop-up markets. We only charge for you to book a stall in our events. Please note, Stall charges vary from event to event.

Do I need to have a Public Liability Insurance to participate in your events ?

We recommend all businesses to have their own public liability insurance to protect their merchandise in long-term.

How do I Sponsor ?

Welcome!! Please go-to Pop-up market page located on Home page and follow the instructions. Look forward to talk to you soon and discuss the true benefits  🙂

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