Vendor Dashboard Guidelines

Note: this document is for information purpose only and contains sample data to help vendors to make the best use of the tools provided in the vendor dashboard

shows the summary of your business store performance at a glance through infographics and numerical statistics

  • Products

:::NOTE::: Each product cost listed on Buyzaar must be an inclusive tax if you have an ABN (Australia business number).

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to register for GST if your turnover exceeds the $75,000 threshold or is likely to exceed it. Click on the link below and please read carefully before you list your product costs –

Buyzaar would not be held responsible for your business tax filings with ATO.

Add a new product

Start listing your products by clicking on “Add new product”.

please VIEW the video now, link below (password to view is buyzaarmustknow

Once added, you must click on ‘edit‘ product to define stock quantity and attributes like colour, size, material etc., Note that, if quantity is not defined at this stage, customers get to select any number of quantity for same product putting you in risk of not delivering as ordered.

Must view

  • Orders – 

All new, existing and previous orders could be viewed, managed and approved here on one single page. “Export All” will help to extract the orders history data and download to your local computer

Action: To view individual order details, update the order status (must to update by the vendor to get payout), to add order notes, to add shipping tracking details for the customer. Click on VIEW (or) EYE icon as shown below.

  • Coupons

Add coupons to your individual products or on a minimum amount of purchases from your store to promote your business by clicking on “Add new coupon”

  • Reports

See an overview of your sales and earnings and in detail. A statement could be exported to your local computer, may be useful for your tax filing purposes (Businesses registered in Australia only)

  • Reviews

To manage all the reviews you have received from your customers and visitors. You could approve or choose to move a review to pending/spam/trash sections from the drop-down list. Only Approved are visible to the public.

  • Return request

To view and manage all your return requests you received from your customer

  • Subscription – (N/A till Dec’19)

Shows details of your current subscription package to use Buyzaar online platform. You could switch your account to a different package at any time by cancelling your current package.

Note: the below shown is just an example. Please refer to your vendor contract with Buyzaar to see your current transaction based subscription details. This is subject to change by Buyzaar. Any updates or changes will be informed to all our vendors timely.

  • Inbox

All the messages left for you by your prospective customer through “Live Chat” facility, would pop-in here in “inbox” tab.

Buyzaar Tip: Try to respond as soon as possible and as precise as possible. Messages left unanswered for a long time may turn a customer off to revisit your store.

  • Settings

Where you could set-up, change and manage as per your business requirements. All critical information like Your store – Payment Bank information – Shipping – ShipStation – Social profile links – RMA ( Return, Refund and Warranty policy) – SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Store – Set up your store information like banner, profile logo, store timings etc., Do Not forget to enable Live chat and terms to be displayed, if you need them activated.

Payments – You need to Connect with Stripe through Buyzaar. Open a business account while you do so to access all features of stripe. Without this been set up, you risk of not receiving payouts as expected for your products once sold.

  • Step 1: Connect to Stripe as shown below.
  • Step 2: Update settings without a miss.
  • Shipping

Buyzaar supports zone wise shipping method within Australia, where all states are already mapped by default.

Click on ‘Edit‘ to set up for your store.

  • You can limit your postage services by location/suburb defining the postal codes to which your store can deliver items. Otherwise, leave the field turned off.

Shipping method – 3 ways available. Free Shipping, Flat rate and local pick-up.

:::TIP:::As a small and growing businesses, we recommend you to include your shipping charges wholely or partly in your product sale prices and set up FREE shipping nationwide for customers.

However, you can define your charges as below to suit your business.

FREE Shipping : Do Not change title. In amount field – enter the minimum order amount for which you are willing to do a free shipping service. (If you want to follow the above tip, enter 1 in amount field which would do the magic of FREE shipping for all your customers). ‘Save Settings’

Flat Rate : Do Not change title. In cost field – enter the cost you are willing to charge as a flat rate for each order you recieve. You can also define this rate to be applicable based on number of items sold and the size of items sold in each order.

For example – if you want $5 for 1 quantity. it should be set up as 5*1 and you can also define percentage based, minimum fee and maximum fee to be charged per item.

Tax status – None

Description – leave it blank

Shipping class cost: This is optional . 3 classes available to add additional charges to your shipping charges based on the size/weight/risk involved in your products.

Large – You can define an additional charge to your products which you classify as large items. For Ex: Flat rate in $ is 5 and shipping class cost for large is 10 then, the total shiiping cost for the product you are charging in $ is 15.

Medium – You can define an additional charge to your products which you classify as Medium items.

Small – You can define an additional charge to your products which you classify as small items.

Calculation type: You can choose one. Charge by each shipping class individally for each product (OR) calculate per order by charging the most expensive shipping class costs.

Local Pick-up : It is up to you whether you charge a minimum amount in $ like 2 (or) keep it zero to make it free to pick up locally from you.

Tax status – None

Description – Leave it blank

DO NOT forget to “SAVE SETTINGS” click on it to save.

Proud partners – Buyzaar is a proud partner of Sendle and recieved access to premium service without any limit on minium parcels per month from each vendor.

To access this offer – You need to register with Sendle through BUYZAAR landing page.

You can find the link for the page below, offering Premium to Buyzaar sellers only:

*Keep ready* – Satchels/packets/boxes etc., to suit your needs. And a basic printer to print lables (produced online by Sendle) at the time of booking each parcel.

Why Labels – Sendle provides door-to-door pick-up and delivery service. For which you need to keep your parcel ready with label sticked on it, by the time&location you requested online.

:::Alternatively, You can choose any postal channel of your own choice:::

Buyzaar recommends Sendle!!

  • RMA

A place where you must define your return/refund/warranty policies for your store products and services.

TIP: Make sure you have a practical and approachable policy set for your store which will not compromise on the goodwill of your store globally.

Buyzaar Terms: In absence of your own defined policy, Buyzaar terms and conditions in regards to return/refund policy would be applicable ( Buyzaar has 14days return/refund policy in place nationwide) (Shipping process initiation must take place within 1-2 business days after an order has been received. For pre-order items – once the goods become available)

  • Store SEO

Store Search Engine Optimisation! Your store SEO can help you to increase your store traffic. You can set your SEO title, meta description, meta keywords which will appear in any web searches like Google.

Hover on (?) to see description.

  • Visit Store – You could often pay a visit to your own store to see and feel the looks of it and change accordingly if needed from your own dashboard.


  • Edit AccountTo change your username or password details.


  • Log Out – Helps you to securely log out from your personal account. Please assure you log out from Buyzaar site each time you log in from a different device apart from your personal device.

Navigate to Vendor Dashboard–> Settings, to set up delivery time.
After entering all values, Lastly, click Update Settings to finish.

Delivery blocked buffer: How many days the vendor needs to deliver the product. If you write 0 then that means the vendor can deliver the product the same day of the order. It is like a preparation time for the vendors to deliver the product.
Delivery box info: This info will show on checkout page delivery time box. %DAY% will be replaced by Delivery blocked buffer.
Delivery day: Choose the days the vendor can deliver.
Opening time: This is the order delivery opening time.
Closing time: This is the order delivery closing time.
Time slot: The length of each slot in minutes. Keep opening and closing time divisible by slot minutes. We strongly recommend you select the time slots that are divisible by opening and closing times like (30,60, 90, 120 minutes, etc).
Order per slot: The number of orders you can take in each slot time. If you select 3 and the slot time is 30 that means you can take maximum 3 orders in a 30-minute time frame.

Vendors can update the Delivery Date and time slot selected by the customer, if they want.After updating, it will be added on the Order note.

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